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Multimodal Image Georegistration Software

Georeferenced/georegistered aerial and satellite borne imagery is highly valuable for an innumerable list of applications including precision farming, target geolocation, surveying, environmental monitoring, transportation and logistics, search and rescue, and other GIS applications. Unfortunately, the majority of low-cost vision-based systems fail to provide the georegistration accuracy necessary for such applications. To this end, OKSI has developed low-cost software-based georegistration software tools capable of automatically georeferencing aerial images in all spectral bands from the visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, and/or hyperspectral modalities. The software tool performs the following:

  • Automatic orthorectification/georegistration of any image modality, and/or hyperspectral imagery
  • Pixel-level georegistration accuracy (i.e., the georegistration accuracy is proportional to the ground sample distance (GSD))
  • Post-processing is standard (real-time processing is available)
  • Automatic georegistration:
    • Feature-based methods: Hyperspectral and VNIR
    • Direct-methods: VNIR/SWIR/Thermal IR/Hyperspectral

The automatic georegistration software tool only requires the aerial imagery, an approximate GPS location, and approximate heading information. Accurate georegistration of aerial/satellite imagery enables the imagery to be observed within the context of a Geographic Information System (GIS) stack.

Multimodal Image Georegistration Software
Georegistration of a hyperspectral imaging cube: After motion compensation (using OKSI’s Motion Compensation Software Tool), the orthorectified hyperspectral cube is georegistered via coregistration with existing georeferenced satellite imagery.
Georegistered Thermal IR
The process of georegistering a Thermal IR aerial image: An aircraft captures imagery and downlinks it to a ground station running OKSI's georegistration software tool. The Thermal IR aerial image is then automatically processed and georegistered using OKSI’s multimodal image georegistration algorithm. The final product (bottom right) is a georegistered and coregistered Thermal IR image within the context of the larger scene obtained from local satellite imagery (the local satellite imagery can be accessed via Google Earth over the internet or it can be accessed from a preloaded satellite imagery database).

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